Miss Caleffe
5th Grade
Trinity West Elementary

School Sites for your easy access!!

Check out these sites...

Use these sites to help you find information when researching your country's Holiday Traditions!


Some cool sites I've found that may help you too...

  • Dance Mat Typing from BBC Schools...great for teaching basic typing!!!
  • Google Reader...Let me explain this for those unfamiliar with it...you can subscribe to sites that interest you or even sites that you may visit daily and instead of going to all the different sites each day to check out what is new they send you the new updates to one site.
    • This YouTube videois a great tutitoral on how to set it up. They guy doing the presentation is easy to listen to and easy to follow! Try it...it's worth it!
  • Super Duper Math (Multiplication) ...A different way of teaching 2 digit multiplication...good for those students that are struggling with their facts!