Class Blog:
Miss Caleffe's Class Blog : The blog is new this year and still a early work in progress. Students have started to respond to posts that I create. Some of the posts are about things that have happened here at school and some are just journal entries.

Video Conferences:
Math: Batter Up- National Baseball Hall of Fame: connecting fractions, decimals, and percentages to batting averages.

Meet a Jr. Musher- To follow along with two reading stories discussing dog mushing, we had a video conference with a jr. musher from Alaska, and then the students followed along while the Charile competed in different races.

My 5th Graders Technology Testimonials: I thought the best way to show you what we do in my classroom was to have my students tell you themselves. These are just a few of them talking about how we use technology in our everday class and what they enjoy about it. I used vimeo as my video site...check it out!!!