Our 5th Graders at Trinity West have started a service project to make our school more environmentally friendly. This year we have started by recycling paper in the whole building. We have a paper collection bin outiside our school for the community to use as well. Inside the school each teacher has a recycling box to put paper in and when the box is full 5th grade students come and collect the paper and take it out to the paper bin. The money raised from the recycling bin goes towards the 5th grade field trip and end of the year activities. This is a great way for the students to help our environment and become more responsible for the world they live in!

12/12: The Paper Recycling Bin is now on the school property!!!
Please be advised that NO CARDBOARD OR PHONE BOOKS can go in bin!!
5th grade students will be around within the week to empty your paper boxes. A pick up schedule will be set up! Check back for further details!!

As the year goes on we will be adding more projects and keep you updated on how things are going.

Please bring all of your old newspapers and magazines to the recycling bin!! Lets make our earth a little better for our future!!!

Podcast Service Announcement

Recycling Made Easy Video